Our Mission

To provide the best education and execution to businesses owners impacted by COVID-19 regarding the Federal ERC (Employee Retention Credit); to assist with qualification, application, and submission until funding has been received; and to provide future support and benefit, as needed. 

We are the ONLY ERC Processer to provide ADVANCE FUNDING !!

Who Are We?

Jim Sandy, CPA
Jim attended UNC-Wilmington where he obtained his B.S. in Business Administration and his M.S. in Accountancy. He spent 8 years in Big 4 Accounting, 5 years in Financial Executive role, and has owned and operated multiple small businesses for nearly 15 years. Jim is CEO of ERCO and responsible for Client Satisfaction and Operations.
Russ Anderson
Russ attended Indiana University Southeast where he obtained his Bachelor's in Biology and Secondary Education. He spent 20 years in the Risk Management and Insurance industry and nearly a decade in small business ownership and operations. Russ is COO of ERCO and responsible for Marketing and Process Automation.

We are the ONLY ERC Processer to provide ADVANCE FUNDING !!

Our Story

The Partners of ERCO are business owners and entrepreneurs with many years of experience. Across the last several decades we’ve created some incredible relationships with many people, of like mind. Like our large network of friends, we value innovation, hard work, integrity, serving our community, and taking care of our employees.

COVID-19’s impact along with government shutdowns dramatically affected life as we knew it. We felt this pain directly through our businesses and our employees. We also watched our friends’ businesses quickly come to a standstill and struggle as they attempted to adjust to the new normal.

When we learned about the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), we believed these would be a crucial tool to support our friends’ businesses and their employees’ livelihoods. As such, it became our mission to educate and to assist anyone impacted. 

We are the ONLY ERC Processer to provide ADVANCE FUNDING !!

Apply Here!

We are the ONLY ERC Processor to provide ADVANCE FUNDING!! 

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Provide the below information to start the qualification process! There is ZERO COST TO YOU until you know if you qualify and how much your credit will be!
Less than 10? Unfortunately, we will not be able to help you.

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  Email: info@ercopportunities.com

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